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Lead Tracking

We custom build our Pay-Per-Click campaigns to optimize toward generating leads.


Show targeted ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. Find our more information today.

Live Reporting

Check up to the minute stats with our live dashboard reporting. Stay current with your campaign.

Custom Built

We do not limit the size of our campaign builds. Each campaign is custom built to match your services and website.

Search Engine Optimization Buffalo, NY

The main goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase the overall exposure or your business within the search engine results, while also optimizing your site for a better user experience. Increasing your exposure in the search engines translates into more website visits while optimizing user experience will increase the chance for lead generation. Both of these strategies working together are necessary to keep your products and services above the competition.

 SEO has become a lot more than keyword research and optimizing meta descriptions. It should be viewed as a strategic road map, with the main goal of matching your audience to the products & services you provide.  The basic elements of SEO have changed dramatically over the recent years, that’s why it is important to have SEO experts properly manage your content to deliver the best results possible.


Search Engine Optimization Strategy

On-Site SEO

Nickel City Marketing will begin to familiarize with your industry by conducting keyword research surround your products and services. The main goal of this step is to find out what keywords your users and for and to optimize your website with those terms. By optimizing these longer tailed keywords into your content, Google and other search engines will be better able to match your content to rank higher for your desired keywords. Organic traffic is often higher converting than most other sources, so it is important to capitalize on all searches to your website.


Off-Site SEO

Making sure your page content is highly relevant and correctly labeled is an important part of On-Site SEO. Nickel City Marketing looks for SEO marketing techniques beyond your website to ensure you have to the proper visibility on all search engines. This includes auditing all your directory listings for correct information and citatiations. Making sure all of your backlinking data is correct is an important step in guaranteeing your business is streamlined in searches. Additional steps in our Off-Site SEO includes, backlink scanning, directory submissions & blog creation & submission.


What Will Nickel City Marketing SEO do for you?
  • Dedicated expert managing your SEO strategy
  • Month to month contract
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Up to date reporting/dashboard
  • Open communication with strategist
  • Marketing plan catered to your specific needs

How do I get started?

Signing up for a month-to-month contract with Nickel City marketing will get you started with your Custom SEO marketing plan. You will be contacted to discuss the goals of your campaign and any extra implementation details. Our team will immediately begin to work on your campaign in an effort to increase your overall SEO exposure. To fully be able to track our performances, we may need to link Analytics data, or include coding on your website. These tools will greatly enhance our ability to better optimize our campaign. Once our campaign has been initialed, we can look forward to steady improvements in our rankings and online exposure.

Dedicated Strategist

We believe in communication, building a relationship and continuity. That’s why all accounts at Nickel City Marketing will have a dedicated strategist. Feel free to reach out anytime by phone or email!


Real Time Reporting

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimation (SEO) accounts will have dashboard access to real-time reporting breaking down your campaign performance. Customized reporting along with weekly & monthly reports included in BASIC packages.

No Contracts!

We offer month to month plans to provide flexibility for small businesses that are new to digital marketing. Performance and productivity are what should keep you here, not a longterm contract.

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