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Lead Tracking

We custom build our Pay-Per-Click campaigns to optimize toward generating leads.


Show targeted ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. Find our more information today.

Live Reporting

Check up to the minute stats with our live dashboard reporting. Stay current with your campaign.

Custom Built

We do not limit the size of our campaign builds. Each campaign is custom built to match your services and website.

Search Engine Marketing Buffalo, NY

Creating and managing an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaign takes a lot of time and expertise. According to statistics, most DIYers will build their campaign, spend a lot of money, then realize they are not seeing any returns. The truth is, PPC management is a full-time job, where every level of your campaign needs to be analyzed, interpreted and optimized to ensure success. This is not a “set it, and forget it” industry. Nickel City Marketing is backed by over 10 years of experience in managing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns, including building over 250 accounts and managing budgets totaling over $4.5 million in lifetime spends. Pay Per Click is one of the most successful ways to drive leads to your website. Contact Nickel City Marketing today to find out how!

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

PPC Client Research & Analysis

Before we begin to create your campaign and account, we need to fully understand your business and the environment you operate in. It’s important for us to learn what products and services provide the highest ROI and how that relates to search habits of your potential customers. During this time we might install simple coding from Google, which will help us to better analyze your traffic.

PPC Keyword Research

Once we have a basic structure defined after performing client research, we can begin to look at how your products and services are represented in the search engines. This is where having experience is crucial as we need to analyze that data to create a keyword list designed for optimal ROI.

PPC Ad Creation

Once the keywords have been created and grouped into similar ad groups, we will then custom write your ads with fresh and creative copy to encourage clicks. Strong call to action phrasing and wording techniques are most important in this step to help increase overall exposure of your ads.

PPC Account Creation & Setup

Once the overall build of the account is complete, we can now begin the upload process to the search engines. With our full management package, all campaigns will be uploaded to a master account and managed on a daily basis. Or, if you already have an AdWords account, you can elect to have a Nickel City Marketing expert assume management responsibilities of your existing account(s).

PPC Account Management

Continuous account optimizations are necessary to keep your ads ranking higher than the competition. These optimizations will include new keyword research, including negative keyword addition. Other optimizations include writing new ads, keyword bid adjustments, demographic targeting, GEO targeting and CPA adjustments.

PPC Strategy Updates

As part of our management package, we can always adjust strategies – whether it’s a new season focus, or you want to promote a different aspect of your business. Our main goal is to drive the most relevant traffic to your website, so any needed adjustments are welcomed.

PPC Reporting

To make sure you are up to date on performance, we have dashboard reporting where you can review all performance metrics based on a number of sortable features. All reporting is up to the minute, so you are able to track performance on the most recent clicks.


Pay Per Click Buffalo, NY

We realize that in most industries advertising means you need to spend money first in order to see results later. The benefit of working with an experienced  Pay Per Click Management service is that we bring all of our successes with previous campaigns right into yours. This experience immediately helps to prevent non-relevant clicks, which saves you money, and provides all the necessary tools to get your campaign performing well from the very beginning. We will custom build your campaign regardless of industry or budget desired and treat it as if it was our own. If you have any questions or are interested in our advertising services, contact us today and find out just how AFFORDABLE our services are!


Dedicated Strategist

We believe in communication, building a relationship and continuity. That’s why all accounts at Nickel City Marketing will have a dedicated strategist. Feel free to reach out anytime by phone or email!


Real Time Reporting

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimation (SEO) accounts will have dashboard access to real-time reporting breaking down your campaign performance. Customized reporting along with weekly & monthly reports included in BASIC packages.

No Contracts!

We offer month to month plans to provide flexibility for small businesses that are new to digital marketing. Performance and productivity are what should keep you here, not a longterm contract.

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